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WEBINAR: Don’t Let Another Hurricane Harvey Swamp Your Company – How the Weinstein Effect Requires Every Healthcare Employer To Re-examine its Harassment Prevention Practices


Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 7:00pm CT - 8:00pm CT
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Kevin Troutman, JD & Larisa P. Hebert, JD

CE Credits

This event offers 1.0 CE credit to attendees.

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A. Kevin Troutman,                                                                         Larisa Hebert, JD
Partner, Fisher & Phillips                                                               Associate, Fisher & Phillips
“The Weinstein Effect refers to the first in a series of high-profile sexual harassment
scandals in which powerful, senior-level men have been accused of horribly
exploiting vulnerable young women who were trying to establish themselves in an
industry. Like Hollywood, Healthcare Is an industry in which well-established figures,
including executives and physicians, wield immense power and influence. Left
unchecked, such imbalances of power can lead to a toxic culture, scandal and
overall disastrous effects on everyone involved. This session will examine the
evolution of sexual harassment law in the U.S., the recent wave of shattering
accusations, its effects on nurses, physicians and other key players, as well as steps
that organizations can take to build a harassment-free culture that fosters mutual
respect. We will also examine how to respond effectively when accusations of
harassment or similar misconduct arise.
* Review applicable law and other potential risks
* Examine scenarios which lead to allegations of harassment
* Analyze policies and practices to help protect your organization
* Discuss methods on making these practices part of your workplace culture
* Explain the investigation process and response to allegations of harassment