Get Reimbursed for Managing eChapter's Fundraising Table in New Orleans

Posted 13 days ago by Terri Goodman

Can you help us in with Fundraising in New Orleans???

The eChapter Membership Committee is looking for 2 volunteers to manage the fundraising/raffle/eChapter table at the AORN matinal meeting in New Orleans during stated table hours set forth by AORN.

We are willing to pay one half of the registration fee for two members willing to assume the following responsibilities:

1. Manage and sell raffle tickets
2. manage the table and answer member or potential members questions
3. manage the table during ALL stated hours the table can be open and operating-(it will not be open during education sessions)

Anyone interested please respond no later than January 25th to Laura Gayton, Chair of the membership committee. My email address is:  lagrnbsn@yahoo.