eChapter of AORN

OPPORTUNITY: Webmaster Proposals Welcomed

Posted about 1 month ago

The eChapter Board is now ready to solicit proposals for a more robust website and a webmaster to oversee its activity under the direction of the eChapter President. Below is a list of the requirements that the eChapter Board feels are necessary moving to a new platform. Please address all proposals to Michael  Garufi at (President-elect of eChapter).

Those who are interested in submitting a proposal, please submit:

  • A proposal for the new web platform in line with the listed requirements
  • Cost to purchase, develop, and maintain the platform
  • Monthly stipend request
  • Personal resume

Requirements for New Web Platform

  • Re-create current eChapter  “Home Page” or something very similar
  • Easy access for membership
  • Privacy ability (secure login)
  • Ability for “Blast” emails and announcements
  • Linked calendar
  • Ability to liaison with the Education Committee’s Webinar Facilitator
  • Ability to archive educational offerings for member viewing
  • Ability to facilitate the enduring webinars with the CH provider
  • Form Builder
  • Ability to conduct surveys, elections
  • Ability for monetary transactions
  • Section for member questions, and comments
  • Links to AORN and social media sites
  • Webmaster: Works with the Communication Committee under the guidance of the eChapter President