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eChapter September Town Hall


Tuesday, September 26, 2017 at 7:00pm CT - 8:00pm CT
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Membership Forum - Linking perioperative nurse worldwide


Host: Stephen Born eChapter 2017-18 President

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We look forward to linking our worldwide nursing members together in the discussion at our September Town Hall. With the growing demand on our time and the only AORN Chapter with Worldwide members, it is important that eChapter meets the unique needs of our diverse membership irrespective of where we live and work in the World.

How can we turn our global uniqueness into a strength of AORN? We have nurse members within the USA and throughout the world. We also have USA nurses serving their country within the US borders and abroad and travelling nurses who seek work in diverse work places.  For all of our members Face-to-face meetings are not an option and joining a meeting online can be daunting without being able to mingle before a meeting or education session and network. Being connected is a natural drive for humans and made a bigger challenge due to the very nature of our chapter. Online meetings can seem impersonal and hard for you to speak up when you can't see the people you are sharing with.

To this end and the focus of this Town Hall forum will be an opportunity for us to share our ideas for embracing our uniqueness and supporting each other in our practice as perioperative nurses globally. There are many clinical practices we could be discussing, and will, but let's use this time to focus our attention on what we could be doing as a chapter to meet the needs of our membership and ensure our sustainability. How do we come together as a world, resource our chapter to support, and broaden our focus of practice and collectively discover the universal principles of perioperative practice which can be applied anywhere we work? Will a better understanding of how perioperative nursing practice is different or similar throughout the world assist us in our local practice settings? 

Forum Topic:

United in our desire to advance perioperative practice what are your ideas to link our worldwide members together and make eChapter a significant AORN Chapter? How do we share this knowledge and connect our member? Can a global view lead to deeper understanding and debate and strengthen our practice? What ideas do you have to make us more sustainable?

Forum Outcome:

The BOD, Officers, Committees will use these ideas to implement strategies to move our Chapter forward towards our mission.

Forum Incentive:

Any ideas you contribute will put you into a draw for a $50 gift card and awarded within five days of the Town Hall.  If you present the idea yourself or have someone present for you, then you will receive two entry's for the draw. If you are unable to attend, please send your ideas to I will contact you to discuss and get a better understanding. Your ideas will be placed on the agenda and you will be given the opportunity to speak to them.

The link to the WebEx Town Hall will be sent out within the week. We look forward to the Town Hall and your innovative ideas to connect us, pool our creativity and keep us relevant to our membership.